Welcome! The Bumble and Bee blog is finally here. We hope the anticipation of 3 years has wetted your appetite? It’s the only time we like to keep our customers waiting.
So, how to begin? Set the tone with some highbrow foodie talk? Wax lyrical about the Jurassic coast and how we do like to be beside the seaside? Show off about our award winning recipes?

We’ll come on to all that in later blogs. We’ll give you recipe exclusives, tips and news but – No, I think we’ll start as we mean to go on. Scone puns.

Not as (ch)easy as it sounds though as it’s brought up some bundamental issues.

Is it scone as in gone or scone as in bone?

Scone with the Wind or Game of Scones? Will we alienate half of our audience by suggesting that our latest delicious Stollen Tiffin will be here today, scone tomorrow?

We’re seriously out of our comfort scone.

Maybe we need to settle this. We’ve researched it heavily. Ok, we Googled it and looked at at least three of the search results.

In America they favour scone as in cone. But lest we forget, they voted in that terrifying, bigoted man-hamster: Sconald Trump.

Magnificently, the fabulous people at Yougov have come to the rescue and conducted a poll. Honestly.

Look away now if you’re a fan of the status quo because this is a definitive answer. Sort of…


Let’s go to safer ground. Cream first or jam? Only kidding. This is Devon. Pull that jam-first crap here and you’ll be on the first trawler back to Padstow.

This has been a more tiring and fraught start to our blog than we’d anticipated. We should all have a little sit down and a nice cup of tea.

Hey, can’t we all just get oolong?